Performing Arts Drama Ministry

Director: Deborah Wagner

Deborah loves working with people young and seasoned while producing and directing dramas.  An artist herself, using several mediums to Make Gods Word Visible she says,”I know that People receive Gods word in many different ways”.  In this ministry our goal is to make our dramas so clear that the Word of The Lord is visible. Whether it is dance, drama, poetry, or art, our challenge and questions are, “can people see Christ in what we are presenting?  And can people see anything in what we are presenting that will make them want to come to Christ?   I truly appreciate every person who gives their time and commitment to the goal of creatively making God visible through this ministry.”

The drama ministry has performed and presented many works of visual evangelism to the community and in church.  This includes support to other ministries in the church.  Some subjects have dealt with HIV-AIDS, Youth Day, Pastor Anniversary, Sunday School, holidays, dinner theatre and full length dramas dealing with life situations.  Some are comedies, some thought provoking and life altering but all are presented to show God at work. The presentation of these dramas has had a powerful impact and an anointing that can only be from the Holy Spirit. 

Deborah is also a Sunday school teacher and a Weekday Christian Education teacher at four schools in the city.  She is married to James Wagner, a Deacon who was raised at Memorial.  In 1994, Deborah joined her family at Memorial and has now been a member for 17 years.  They are parents of three children, Tracey, Gabrielle, and Jordan, and have 12 grand children.

If you have questions or you would like to be a part of the Performing Arts Drama Ministry, please contact Deborah at 425-7760. 



  April 2020  
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